Things that make me smile

When you miss someone, it doesn’t necessarily make you sad. It also reminds you of those little things  you saw together. These are just some of the simple little things I enjoyed during my visit to Singapore last October. I hope these put a smile on your face too. 🙂

Enjoy the little things neon sign
Creative neon signs
Banyan tree by Candice Reyes
Bowing trees near a body of water
Blackbird by Candice Reyes
Unexpected birds!
Pulau Ubin by Candice Reyes
Bicycles parked next to each other
Flowers at Changi Airport by Candice Reyes
Sudden burst of colors in a place like this
12:32 by Candice Reyes
Clocks in train stations
strange lamp by Candice Reyes
Strange lamps
Chinatown ride by Candice Reyes
Seeing princesses in a busy crowd
Nuns by Candice Reyes
Seeing nuns in the most unlikely places (no pun intended!) 🙂
A spot by Candice Reyes
Finding a special spot in big public places

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