30/365: Steer


Had a weird bad dream last night. I was on a car with my dad, who was the one driving, along a winding road, with the waves crashing nearby. Then suddenly, we were caught in a hurricane. We were still inside the car while it was whirling in the air!

All I was thinking was how we could get back on the road, but dad was knocked unconscious. I tried to wake him up, but he wouldn’t. I can still remember his face and how his hands and legs froze. Finally, we were back on the road (I told you it’s a weird dream) and we really need to escape (i don’t know why) but there was one problem… I can’t drive.

The weirdest thing was, I dreamt again three times talking to random people about that dream and every time I did, I conclude it with “Maybe it’s about time I learn how to drive, if that happens again, I should take over.”

This image was taken from outside my brother’s old black car that’s been sitting in our garage for ages. Yes, that could be the wake up call. I should learn how to drive. Soon.


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