114/365: Gleam

6-year old Bono looking at a mobile phone screen.

My 6-year old nephew Bono asked me to teach him about photography. One of our first lessons is about light. We were inside my parents’ room and I set up the tripod while I talked about the parts of the camera. Glad to know he’s really interested. 🙂

When I turned off the light to show him something, he scrammed and tried to turn it on again out of fear. I told him there’s nothing to be afraid of when you’re in the dark. I wanted to illustrate my point through a long exposure. Here’s a photo of him (above) holding a mobile phone to keep him company in the dark. He wasn’t that scared anymore. 🙂

Here’s a second shot with a longer exposure. He was amazed but didn’t want a second try. Maybe next time 🙂

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 12.17.17 PM
Bono’s first light painting shot