121/365: Flores de Mayo

What I love about May here in the Philippines is a mixed feeling of summer and spring. 🙂

99/365: Dusk Ride

Dusk ride
Kids riding home at dusk

One of the things I love most about our village is its biker-friendly environment (nevermind the double-parking!). Lots of people of all ages get around by biking especially during morning, afternoon and dusk. I’m now thinking of having our bike repaired soon so I can join these kids!

98/365: Dust Writings

Dust writings
Not exactly “vandals” but I call it “dust writings”. It’s an old locked gate to a strange vacant lot near our house.

Groups of young people tend to literally leave a mark on places they’ve bonded to keep it as “theirs”, to let others know they were there. Reminds me of childhood days.  It’s a mystery how these dust writings became like a permanent mark on that gate. Clues, memories.

84/365: Warm

Been on a temporary desk job for a week now here at Greenpeace. I was assigned to handle the Regional Images officer position and it’s quite a good way to learn more about how freelancers and NGOs work.  I love the steady and friendly working environment here. 🙂

We stay at a separate room that’s away from the sunlight. And it’s become my favorite time to take a break at around 4pm when this delightful afternoon sunshine welcomes me as I step out of our room. I  feel nostalgic and warm all of a sudden.