124/365: Veil moments

Today's bride
Irene, looking stunning on her wedding day.

123/365: Kite Flying on World Press Freedom Day

Together with my colleagues at the Photojournalists’ Center of the Philippines (PCP), I joined the annual kite flying activity in commemoration of World Press Freedom Day at UP Diliman today. It was organized by the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines.

Great to see familiar and new faces
may 3
That’s sir Jimmy Domingo holding the R kite. He’s one of my mentors and colleagues at PCP.


Freedom for Press!
And an amazing sunset to cap the event.

117/365: Squiggly Town

We had another “art attack” today! Bono and I saw a step by step drawing show on tv and quickly made our own version. I was amazed as him by our new creation (I really can’t draw!) by the way, it’s called the Squiggly Town!

Bono adding some pets around his side of the town!
Happy kid with our happy masterpiece!

115/365: Layag Karts

April 25
Three boys with their improvised “Layag (sail) Karts”, Baseco Manila

Met these amazingly creative kids today at Baseco, Manila. They make these race cars with bottle caps, plastic straws and plastic bags. “Layag” is a Filipino word for “sail”. They place these brilliant toys at the direction of the wind and it does work! They literally race with the wind! I also shot some videos of them so I’m looking forward to editing that little film soon! Watch out.