122/365: Looking out

My parents glued to their screens. No worries, they do talk after that. 🙂

117/365: Squiggly Town

We had another “art attack” today! Bono and I saw a step by step drawing show on tv and quickly made our own version. I was amazed as him by our new creation (I really can’t draw!) by the way, it’s called the Squiggly Town!

Bono adding some pets around his side of the town!
Happy kid with our happy masterpiece!

114/365: Gleam

6-year old Bono looking at a mobile phone screen.

My 6-year old nephew Bono asked me to teach him about photography. One of our first lessons is about light. We were inside my parents’ room and I set up the tripod while I talked about the parts of the camera. Glad to know he’s really interested. 🙂

When I turned off the light to show him something, he scrammed and tried to turn it on again out of fear. I told him there’s nothing to be afraid of when you’re in the dark. I wanted to illustrate my point through a long exposure. Here’s a photo of him (above) holding a mobile phone to keep him company in the dark. He wasn’t that scared anymore. 🙂

Here’s a second shot with a longer exposure. He was amazed but didn’t want a second try. Maybe next time 🙂

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 12.17.17 PM
Bono’s first light painting shot

111/365: Hands

A page from MESS: A Manual of Accidents & Mistakes by Keri Smith. A gift from sayamit Rheena! 🙂

I love this concept that our hands tell our stories. Our hands are us. And since I’ve already shared one of my video projects a few days ago, here’s another one I made last year. It’s sort of a self-introduction video without showing my face. Enjoy!

Hands from Hiraya on Vimeo.

110/365: Great night with a great friend

Had a blast tonight with my cosmic twin aka “sayamit” (our term of endearment for “siamese twin”) RHEENA!

So much for ska+reggae+punk dancing, art and stop motion trippings. We’ve been best friends since elementary days and were separated for four years during highschool so even if we’re now in our late 20s, we always make it a point we catch up on those “youthful days” whenever we meet! 😉

She’s always waiting, patiently, like a cat.
Hip, goofy, artsy Rheena

95/365: Short but sweet

a cake shared
Greenpeace folks surprised me with a “farewell & thank you” cake on my last day today. It was a short but sweet stint. I had a great time, learned interesting things and made new friends. They’re some of the kindest & friendliest people I’ve worked with! Thanks again, guys.