21/365: A dream come true!

Mmm! Yay for being part of such fantastic photo book!
Photo by John Lucas Reyes
I love photo books and getting parcels especially if it’s free and my photo’s on it!

Thank you Aday.org for sending me a copy of my first photo to be published in a photo book. It’s an honor to be one of the 1,000 images selected from 100,000 submissions around the world.

Last May 15, 2012, thousands and thousands of people  from 165 countries picked up their cameras and documented their day to join Aday.org. It’s quite an exciting idea to see pictures of one day taken by different people in different places so I gave it a shot. I uploaded 10 pictures on their website without knowing the selected pictures will be published in a book.
But my most favorite is the picture below, a scene that really captured my heart that day… 
Boys sleeping soundly amidst a busy train station in Vito Cruz, Manila.

It took me several shots to get this moment when the boy stretched. I was afraid I would wake them up and was struck by the irony of the scene. It reminds me of lullabies, childhood afternoon naps, but the lingering question on my mind as I walked away was “How far could homelessness go?” People can be a bit too busy to take notice.

My photo on page 36.
Again, thank you.
My mother, overwhelmed with the 512-pages thick book!
Shadow couldn’t believe it!

Now I take this dream come true as a challenge to create more images and the start of making my own photo book come alive! 🙂