115/365: Layag Karts

April 25
Three boys with their improvised “Layag (sail) Karts”, Baseco Manila

Met these amazingly creative kids today at Baseco, Manila. They make these race cars with bottle caps, plastic straws and plastic bags. “Layag” is a Filipino word for “sail”. They place these brilliant toys at the direction of the wind and it does work! They literally race with the wind! I also shot some videos of them so I’m looking forward to editing that little film soon! Watch out.


113/365: Irony

Rosalie, a mother of 22 looks outside in between our questions during the interview.

I finally had the chance to interview Rosalie Cabenan or “Aling Baby” for my multimedia project at the ACFJ.  She lives in Baseco, Manila where houses are very close to each other so it was a bit of a challenge to interview with all the noise outside. But it went well and I was glad  to meet some of her children.

When I got home and saw the videos and photos I shot today, it was funny I didn’t notice she was wearing that shirt. How ironic. I’ll talk more about my project soon!

110/365: Great night with a great friend

Had a blast tonight with my cosmic twin aka “sayamit” (our term of endearment for “siamese twin”) RHEENA!

So much for ska+reggae+punk dancing, art and stop motion trippings. We’ve been best friends since elementary days and were separated for four years during highschool so even if we’re now in our late 20s, we always make it a point we catch up on those “youthful days” whenever we meet! 😉

She’s always waiting, patiently, like a cat.
Hip, goofy, artsy Rheena

103/365: Sparkles & Flowers

I had a great time shooting the wedding of my close friend’s sister today.Loved the weather and the love vibes everywhere. Among many, these two photos are my favorites!

“Sparkling” moment during Ginger & Arnold’s grand entrance at their wedding reception
A portrait of my beautiful friend Prechy (the bride’s sister!)
We loved how these flowers are called: Million Stars. 🙂