Rewind: Haligi

haligi may 01
A worker under the Quiapo bridge, Manila. 2011

A salute to all the workers of the world!


Rewind: An early hearts day post

I used to teach at a university near the old downtown Manila where everything–people, jeepneys, and vendors bustle about. These photos were taken after work / after school on Valentine’s day last year. It was kind of “a date with my camera”, an attempt to capture the “hearts day mood” as I walked around for an hour on my way to the bus stop. I was fascinated to see almost everyone rushing, carrying flowers, heart balloons, chocolates, bears, roses… and I love how the mood of a place changes as the sun goes down.

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Rewind: Just to touch your cross

a face in the crowd

Today is the feast of the Black Nazarene.  Took this image exactly a year ago when I was still working as a staff photographer for Manila Bulletin. Every year, thousands of devotees flock to Manila to join this procession. They believe touching even just the cross will bring them Jesus’ guidance and blessing to ease the “daily crosses” they carry.

This image reminds me of the story about a woman who wanted to touch Jesus’ cloak as he walked through a rushing crowd.

Rewind: Mossy forest of Mt. Pulag

Spent the last week of 2012 climbing Mt. Pulag, Benguet Philippines with friends. It’s the highest peak in Luzon standing 2922 meters above sea level.

Even if it was my second climb, it wasn’t an easy one especially along this long, cold and muddy path. Apart from the summit, this mossy forest is my favorite part–so peaceful and quiet. It’s the most enchanting place I’ve ever been to so far.

And because of the crazy weather up there, we weren’t able to see the sunrise at the summit. So I included my April 2011 summit jump on this slideshow. 🙂

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Rewind: Same spot, different time

A view of Upper General Luna road, Baguio City . Took these last December 29 after our Pulag climb. These shots weren’t planned, just happened to be killing time at the hotel before our scheduled bus ride back to Manila. 🙂 This spot makes me feel like I’m somewhere in Japan!

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