124/365: Veil moments

Today's bride
Irene, looking stunning on her wedding day.

103/365: Sparkles & Flowers

I had a great time shooting the wedding of my close friend’s sister today.Loved the weather and the love vibes everywhere. Among many, these two photos are my favorites!

“Sparkling” moment during Ginger & Arnold’s grand entrance at their wedding reception
A portrait of my beautiful friend Prechy (the bride’s sister!)
We loved how these flowers are called: Million Stars. 🙂

68/365: The bully & the girl

march 9

Our good friend Dennis married Len today. She’s the girl he used to bully in high school, the girl he called “big momma” as he narrates during this sweet moment. They met again at a reunion last year and realized they’re a match.  Love moves in strange ways indeed! Happy our whole family’s been invited to join them in the celebration.