Benguet, Philippines 2012. Photo by Marc Talampas 

I’m Candice Reyes,  a photographer  & “explorer” based in Manila, Philippines. I got an 8-5 day job as a corporate photographer while I sing, write, explore places and shoot more in between.

I believe the act of gazing outside is also a chance to gaze deeply into people’s hearts & inside ourselves too.


everydaygaze started as a  “virtual memory box” in 2013, where I put “memory snapshots” . I attempted to post one photo a day, but wasn’t able to finish the year-long photo project.

But there are thousands of images still waiting to be seen, thoughts to be shared, so here I am, resurrecting this blog in 2015.



Drop me a note at
reyes.candice [at] gmail.com





Images and text on this blog are exclusive property of Candice Reyes and are protected by copyright law. All content may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without written permission of Candice Reyes.


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